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Who is JANOKA? 

Janoka Jewelry draws its inspiration from Japanese high fashion. The name Janoka is a clever wordplay of the word Japan and founders’ names: Nicole and Katherine. Pieces are created to inspire the appreciation of craftsmanship. Janoka Jewelry consists of handcrafted earrings for women that are elegant yet suitable for day and night use. Earrings are a significant accessory to all women, potentially exuding elegance and one’s personality. Our vision is to inspire women to express their own elegance through Janoka's exquisite handcrafted jewelry.

Janoka’s unique pieces are made from genuine Japanese materials. Designs are constantly evolving to keep up with latest trends. The designers draw their inspiration from the Japanese minimalistic concept of simple yet elegant, enabling the creation of unique designs to suit all types of artistic tastes. Additionally, Janoka earrings are lightweight which ensures comfort for the user and reduces long term damage to the earlobes. 

While elegance is exuded from within, it is expressed via one’s attitude and personality which is a common observation in educated, Japanese women. These women take pride in their outlook and earrings have become their own personal fashion statement with the aim of always looking their best be it for work, a night out or for an elegant function. Hence, earrings have become a symbol of elegance to Japanese women who are attuned to high fashion. With handcrafted earrings growing in popularity in Japan, Janoka is making these trendy earrings available for Malaysian women. 

Who are the founders?

Katherine Kang and Nicole Seow, best friends since the age of 11, founded Janoka Jewelry in 2018 inspired by the elegance of Japanese ladies and their culture. After Nicole spent 2-years in Japan, she returned with an appreciation and fondness for Japanese handcrafted earrings. Katherine’s search for similar handcrafted earrings in the Malaysian market was frivolous. This led to the best friends deciding to create their own line of jewelry, inspired by Japanese creativity. So, a lifelong friendship turned into a business partnership of bringing fine craftsmanship in earrings that Malaysian women can appreciate for a lifetime. 

Their main inspiration are the handcrafted Kimonos which is a cultural symbol for Japanese ladies. A Kimono ensemble is never complete without elegant accessories known as Kanzashi, which includes earrings. Handcrafting has become a unique culture amongst the Japanese. Janoka aims to bring this culture into the Malaysian market through its exquisite, intricately made earrings. 

While both founders share a deep love of Japanese culture and designs, their education backgrounds are not related to fashion. Nevertheless, their passion, interest and natural artistic flair sets them at par with top-notch fashion designers. As designers, they appreciate fine craftsmanship and aspire to create unique pieces of jewelry for those who will treasure it for a lifetime.

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